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who are we?

The Australian café scene is world-renowned for its innovative approach to food, café and service. Its unique mix of English, European and Asian cultures and its rich and varied produce have created a modern and singular approach to cooking.

FEDERAL CAFE represents one of the most innovative, fastest growing and most profitable cafe concepts in Spain. Its success is a direct result of the popularity in Spain of this uniquely Australian style.

The concept was created in Barcelona by two Australians; business partners Tommy Tang and Crick King. Together they brought some of the atmosphere, light and freshness of Australia to Spain. The Federal name itself comes from a very small and quiet little town located in the hills above Byron Bay, on the coast between Sydney and Brisbane.

The clients of FEDERAL CAFE enjoy healthy and delicious food, simply prepared. Its cafes are always light-filled and well designed; stylish, modern, casual and importantly, comfortable.

A key aspect of the success of the brand is the very Australian idea of continuous service, with no ‘set time’ to eat. Customers can eat breakfast at 11, lunch at 5 in the afternoon and dinner at 10.30 at night.

The menu is modern, varied and original; from muesli to avocado toast and from a roast-vegetable salad to a kangaroo meat hamburger. Ingredients are always fresh and healthy, sourced locally and ethically where possible.

Since day one, this insistence on quality, freshness and value for money has been recognised by our customers, and their numbers keep growing.

opportunity for safe and profitable investment in the hands of federal café

There are two models of FEDERAL CAFÉ, designed to suit the needs of two distinct types of Franchisees.

With a space of around 100m2 you will be able to create an excellent opportunity for self-employment; this model is hands-on, with simplified organization and less staff.

With a space of around 200m2 you will be able to create an incredible business investment run under management; this model has huge growth potential and its return on investment exceeds that of any similar sized café concept

brand recognition by international media

The success and appeal of FEDERAL CAFÉ has been recognised in numerous blogs, websites such as PETIT PASSPORT and in publications as varied as VOGUE, MONOCLE and EL PAIS. Whether their focus is the innovative menu, casual and friendly service or interior design they all come to the same conclusion; that FEDERAL CAFÉS are creative, innovative and enjoyable places to eat, have coffee and a cake or read a magazine with a glass of wine.

support from the federal café head-office

A perfect example of our commitment to supporting franchisees in the entire process of set-up is the new FEDERAL in Barcelona, situated in the Barri Gotic neighbourhood. We have been involved in all aspects of the project; location scouting, interior design, licensing, construction management, quotes and product and material sourcing. Our involvement is comprehensive, hands-on and continuous.


These details are strictly confidential. We request contact information only and cannot, under any circumstances, make any kind of obligation to any party. The Franchise Central FEDERAL COFFEE SHOP SL reserves the right of final approval of the application represented by signing above.